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Course Outline - JavaScript and TypeScript

The last few years have seen major improvements to JavaScript as well as its adoption at the server-side with the arrival of Node and Express and even for desktop applications using Electron. TypeScript is an enhancement to JavaScript which allows type-safe coding as well as supporting modern JavaScript features on older implementations.

This was a very good course in helping to learn the capabilities of JavaScript which was delivered in an excellent manner by a trainer who knows his stuff. I would have no hesitaion in recommending this to colleagues/business partners.

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How scripting works
Scripting and HTML. Scripting languages and the origins of JavaScript. Recent enhancements to JavaScript. The ECMAScript standards.
Language fundamentals
Blocks and functions. Variables and operators. Control flow.
Basic scripting
Forms, fields and field validation. Event handling. Writing to the document.
Objects and object models
How objects work. Predefined objects. Browser and document objects. The ubiquitous getElementById method. Cookies.
Bringing pages to life
How HTML and JavaScript fit together. Cascading Style Sheets and named styles. Absolute and relative positioning. Compatibility considerations. Changing styles and style rules dynamically. Graphical and dynamic pages.
Interacting with the server
AJAX - Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. The fetch method - the modern way. Promises, futures and 'then'. The XMLHttpRequest object. The onReadyStateChanged function. JSON - JavaScript Object Notation. Examples.
What jQuery is. The jQuery function and its $ shorthand. Selecting and modifying elements. Event handling. Animations. Using jQuery for AJAX.
Additional features
Bootstrap for layout and mobile. Drawing using HTML5 Canvas. Web sockets. SVG.


What TypeScript is and where it came from. Transpiling. Compatibility and options.
Type inference. Explicit typing. Type-strict functions. Type aliases. Union and literal types. Interfaces.
Classes and Object Orientation
Defining a class. Creating and using objects. Inheritance. Creating subclass objects.


nodejs and npm
JavaScript at the server and desktop. Origins and arhitecture of node. Installing and using node. The Node Package Manager (npm). Interacting using the REPL. Communicating with the user. require, import and export.
Node at the server
Responding to requests. Returning HTML and data. Installing and using express. Static and dynamic files. Using node with nginx.
'Desktop' applications
Installing and using Electron. A basic single page application. Properties, interaction and the API.

Excellent course. Really informative and extremely useful. Very pleased - thanks.