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I have provided training on behalf of more that 30 different training companies, but it's much cheaper for me to come to you without involving a 3rd party. I've trained throughout the world, from Scandinavia to Australia and many places in between. I've taught Windows programming to Microsoft, Java to Sun (its creators) and Oracle (who took it over) and for those with long memories, OS/2 to IBM.

I'm not just a trainer though - I work on many software projects from booking systems to machine vision, specialized charts to x-ray spectrometry, so if you need extra expertise for a project then I can help.

These are some of my direct customers:

These are some of the comments made by people attending courses I've given:

Brilliantly taught, lab exercises were very doable and followed taught theory exactly. This is the best course I've attended in years of training. (KB)

Steve knows his stuff and makes complex ideas seem easy to understand. (DM)

Trainer had extremely clear presentation style. Course was pitched exactly right. Trainer was knowledgeable and approachable. (SW)

Excellent, I thoroughly enjoyed instruction and the interaction between lecturer and student. (RK)

The instructor explained everything extremely well and was really helpful with the exercises. I have learnt a great deal from this course. (KC)

Excellent instructor, knows his subject and able to convey it to the class. Can't wait for the advanced course! (JP)

Very good useful course. I will recommend this to my colleagues at work. (KM)

Steve is an excellent instructor - he was able to handle all questions brilliantly and he made the course very interesting. (DM)

Very nice teacher with a lot of real humour! (from Germany)

The course was very well delivered and the instructor was enthusiastic and very approachable. (AMM)

A thoroughly enjoyable course presented in an enthusiastic manner. (AN)

For an interested novice, this course proved excellent in terms of building my practical experience and knowledge. I am delighted with the course. (JC)

It was the best course I have ever visited during my 10 years within IBM. Congratulations to Steve! (from Germany)

Very clear, concise, informative and pleasant course. Steve is an excellent instructor and explains tedious subject matter in a way that any one can comprehend. (J O'M)

Steve's knowledge + presentation of course was superb. By far the best IT course. (JH)

Best course I have attended to date in my 5yr career! (EM)

This was a most enjoyable course. The instructor was excellent and the course material was explained well. (M O'S)

Steve was helpful, approachable and gave a great deal for what is obviously a huge subject. Would look for any course on programming he was doing. Excellent! (IA)