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Introduction to SQL

This one day course provides a good introduction to SQL, particularly for people new to the subject or those who wish to get a good feel for SQL in as short a time as possible. It concentrates on querying existing data but does include examples of updating and inserting new data. It's a very 'hands-on' course with exercises on all the subjects covered.

The 1 day course costs £640 in total for up to 6 students, plus VAT and the instructor's reasonable expenses. Each student beyond 6 would cost £20 for the additional course materials. If you are interested in this course, please contact us by email at enquiries@tgn.co.uk or by phone on +44 (0)1285 713297.

Course Outline:


Relational Databases. IDs and Keys. Primary and Foreign Keys. Entity-Relationship Modelling - ERM. T-SQL. How SQL Server Works. System Databases. SQL Server Management Studio. SQLCMD. SQL Server Configuration Manager. Other Tools.

Overview of Data Types

Designing a Table. Storing Scripts. Numeric Data Types. Characters and Text. Other Main Data Types. Identity Columns. The Primary Key. Nulls.

Selecting Data

The Select Statement. Selecting Columns. Ordering. Aliases. Combining Columns. Distinct. Filtering Using Where. Using Not, And and Or. Matching using Like. Between and In.

Action Queries

Insert Into. Delete. Update. Updating Multiple Rows. Insert ... Select. Select Into.


Relationships. Using Foreign Keys. Inner Joins. Outer Joins. Disambiguation and abbreviation. Database Diagrams.


Aggregate Functions. Group By and Having. Having and Where. Rollup, Cube and Grouping Sets. Dates and Times. The Convert Function. String Functions.