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When people make comments about our courses there's one thing which people say they like again and again – the enthusiasm of the instructor. Just like the best software is written by people who love the creative process, training courses are always best when presented by an instructor who loves the subject and really enjoys teaching it.

On our courses you won’t get a man in a suit just reading you PowerPoint slides. Training should be creative, interactive and fun. It should also be relevant to your particular needs, so expect exercises which are varied to suit what you need to achieve. You won’t be sat in a room with 15 others whose requirements are completely different. We are a tiny company with few overheads, so you’ll pay a lot less, and as we have provided training for more than 30 other training organizations you may even be getting the same course as you could have paid much more for.

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Our goal is to train your whole team with exactly what they need for little more than cost of sending one person on a standard public course from one of the big trainers. When held on your site most of our courses cost £640 per day in total for up to 6 students, plus the instructor's reasonable expenses where appropriate. This means that if you have 6 people to train, the cost of a 5 day course would be £533 for each person. We don't recommend more than 12 on a course.

Our customized training features:

We believe that the best person to teach a course is the person who wrote it. Whereas many other training companies will buy in standard course materials and hire a freelance trainer, our courses are always presented by the course author.

The course outlines on this site are only a guide to what we can provide. If you'd like a course which skips the things you already know and covers extra features instead, then just ask.

If there's just one or two of you to teach, let us know and we'll see if we can do something special.

TGN training

I thought the trainer was absolutely excellent and pitched the level of the course perfectly.

TGN software development
TGN training

The course gave me the confidence that I could become productive in a shorter time than I anticipated.

TGN software development