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JavaScript Training

We like JavaScript. One of the great things about it is that you can approach it at so many levels. If you are an HTML developer, then JavaScript is a nice, easy to learn language that you can use to enhance your pages. If you are a serious programmer then it is superficially similar to Java and the other C-like languages, but has many interesting differences and quite a few surprises. It's definitely a fun language to use and to teach, as a lot can be achieved with a few lines of code - especially when using jQuery. The course examples can be nicely interactive and colourful as well. The full course outline given below takes 3 days, but shorter versions are available if the advanced aspects such as AJAX are not required. Workshops concentrating on specific features can also be provided.

The 3 day course costs £1920 in total for up to 6 students, plus VAT and the instructor's reasonable expenses. Each student beyond 6 would cost £20 for the additional course materials. If you are interested in this course, please contact us by email at or by phone on +44 (0)1285 713297.

Course Outline:

How scripting works

Scripting and HTML. Scripting languages and the origins of JavaScript. Recent enhancements to JavaScript.

Language fundamentals

Blocks and functions. Variables and operators. Control flow.

Basic scripting

Forms, fields and field validation. Event handling. Writing to the document.

Objects and object models

How objects work. Predefined objects. Browser and document objects. The ubiquitous getElementById method. Cookies.

Bringing pages to life

How HTML and JavaScript fit together. Cascading Style Sheets and named styles. Absolute and relative positioning. Compatibility considerations. Changing styles and style rules dynamically. Graphical and dynamic pages.


AJAX - Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. The XMLHttpRequest object. The onReadyStateChanged function. JSON - JavaScript Object Notation. Examples.


What jQuery is. The jQuery function and its $ shorthand. Selecting and modifying elements. Event handling. Animations. Using jQuery for AJAX.


The MVC pattern. Expressions and attributes. Binding. Modules, controllers and models. Event handling. Single page applications.

Additional features

Bootstrap for layout and mobile. Knockout for data binding. Drawing using HTML5 Canvas. Web sockets. SVG.