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HTML Introduction

This one-day hands-on course provides a comprehensive introduction to developing web pages using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). It covers HTML itself rather than any particular tool, so that even those who will be using page generation tools in their work will gain a good grounding in the underlying technology.

The 1 day course costs £640 in total for up to 6 students, plus VAT and the instructor's reasonable expenses. Each student beyond 6 would cost £10 for the additional course materials. If you are interested in this course, please contact us by email at or by phone on +44 (0)1285 713297.

Course Outline:

Introduction to HTML

Browsers and servers. Identifying pages - URLs. HyperText Markup Language. HTML, XML, XHTML and HTML5. Standards.

Getting Started

HTML basics. Paragraph formatting. Comments. Headings. Styles. Logical versus physical styles. Nesting elements. Deprecated tags. Titles. Attributes. Using colours. RGB and hexadecimal. Special characters in HTML.

Hyperlinks and Images

Lists. Hypertext links - the anchor tag. Relative and absolute URLs. Hyperlink guidelines. Opening a new window. Linking within a document. Hyperlink targets and frames. Using other protocols. Images and formats. Images, text and hyperlinks. Image maps.


Using tables. HTML table structure. The table header and footer. The table body. Cell padding and spacing. Cell sizing and formatting. Tables and images.

Forms and Scripts

Getting data back. The form method. Submit and reset buttons. Input controls. Labels. Naming and identifying controls. At the server. Password controls. Check boxes and radio buttons. Text areas and selects.

HTML5 Forms

Placeholders and focus. Auto completion. New form controls. Dates and times. Validation and highlighting.