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Graphical Applications

When we first developed for Windows in the late 1980s, one of the things which excited us was GDI, the Graphical Device Interface. Strangely, we found that most other people found this overcomplex and uninteresting, so we ended up doing many developments in this area.

At that time many things which are commonplace now, such as 3D pie charts, were new and exciting, so we spent a lot of our time developing such things. We sold a product known as 'The Business Graphics Library', and this was adopted by many producers of development tools to include in their products as well as being sold to individual developers. Though not a mainstream product in any way, it sold throughout the world including Japan, the USA and Australia as well as here in Europe.

Latest Graphical Technologies

Windows graphics has got more interesting with the arrival of GDI+, WPF, XNA and Silverlight, and we can develop for all these technologies. Our knowledge in this area came in useful when training games programmers recently.

At a different level, we have recently been developing charts for Excel using Excel's own VBA macro language.

If you have an application which you would like to make visually interesting, or you would like to discuss ideas, please let us know.