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Embedded and USB Development

TGN has always specialized in providing a complete 'end to end' solution, from user-friendly front ends to potentially complex inner workings. Many of our past applications have involved using communication (serial) and parallel ports, so the arrival of USB to the PC world meant this was an obvious direction for us.

Projects we have been involved in have required:

  • ♦ Firmware to be written for the device
  • ♦ Windows drivers to be written to support the device
  • ♦ Dynamic link libraries to be written to allow applications to easily use the device
  • ♦ The applications themselves

Programmable Devices

As well as the ARM familiy we have developed using devices from Infineon, Cypress and of course the ubiquitous Microchip PIC.

If you would like us to help you turn your device ideas into reality, then please contact us.