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This 4 day course teaches you how to write Rich Internet Applications using AJAX in an ASP.Net environment. It covers the use of the basic AJAX tools, the additions provided by the ASP.Net AJAX Control Toolkit, interacting with server-side code and services, and the AJAX architecture. A major goal of this course is to cover the range of techniques from 'raw' JavaScript to the range of additional tools available. A basic knowledge of web development is assumed, including HTML, JavaScript and ASP.Net using either C# or Visual Basic. If you do not have this experience then additional material can be provided to cover it on the course.

The 4 day course costs £2560 in total for up to 6 students, plus VAT and the instructor's reasonable expenses. Each student beyond 6 would cost £25 for the additional course materials. If you are interested in this course, please contact us by email at enquiries@tgn.co.uk or by phone on +44 (0)1285 713297.

Course Outline:

Introducing AJAX

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Benefits of AJAX. Rich Internet Applications (RIA). Problems caused by AJAX.

ASP.Net Support

ASP.Net AJAX extensions. The ScriptManager and ScriptManagerProxy. The UpdatePanel - easy AJAX. Update progress. Timers and triggers. Enhancing update panels. Loading scripts from files and DLLs.

AJAX in the Raw

The XMLHttpRequest object. The onReadyStateChanged function. JSON - JavaScript Object Notation.

The ASP.Net Toolkit

Support classes. The '$' functions. Browser independence. Event handling. History support.

Web Services

Writing a web service. Using service references. Calling services from JavaScript. Traditional and WCF services. Error handling.

ASP.Net Toolkit Controls

Controls and Extender. Control examples. Calling server-side code.

Writing Ajax Server Controls

The ASP.Net JavaScript object oriented enhancements. Server and client-side code. Writing an extender. Writing a server control.


About jQuery. Comparing jQuery and the ASP.Net toolkits. Selecting elements. Working with collections. Event handling. Animation. AJAX using jQuery. Using JSON.