NWH3 Cammra Hash 2019

Cricklade Town Hall, SN6 6AE, Sunday 27th October

Who's Coming on the Camra Run

101 registrations as of Tuesday 15 October 2019

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Hash Name Name Hash Kennel
Zoe Lilly North wilts
Janet Steele NWH3
Rowland Steele NWH3
69er Debbie Watts nwh3
Aqua Anne Tynegate BH3
Arse About Face Paul Derrick NWH3
Atalanta Karen Peek Surrey H3
AWOL Robert Oswald BH3
Babe Roger Sommerville NWH3
Been Before Dawn Othen Hursley H3
Big Stiffy Gerald Walker Didcot H3
Bomber Peter Lancaster Berks H3
Bondage Peter Steer Warwick
Bumflasher Annie Lewis NWH3
C5 David Sinclair Berkshire
Can Can Tracey Norman-Thorpe NWH3
Chocchuck Sue Hodgson BH3
Chunderos Lorraine Piercy Surrey
CL Peter Cunningham SH3 ... exBH3
Cloggs Anne Holland Berkshire
Comet Hayleigh Gascoigne Didcot
Couch Potato Don Townsin Berks Hash
Cybersex Ian Ryman NWH3
Dipstick Peter Richardson Oxford
Dozey Martin Preston NWH3
Dunny Louise Cook BH3
Easy Rider Trudy Andrews Nwh3
Fairy Snow Roland Cox NH3
False Tart Jill Sladen BH3
Flicker Tim Hunt Nwhhh
Floozy Christine Gosling Nwh3
florence maureen kelly Berkshire hash
Florence Pamela Eddy nwh3
Foghorn Terry Holmes Berkshire
Forgetmenicks Donna Stone North wilts
Full sack Terry Wallace North wilts
Gnome Alone John Scarborough DH3
Goes down Marie Wallace North wilts
Goose Steve Gosling Nwh3
Hot Lips Rachel Walker DH3 Didcot hash
Hutch David Lever DH3
I’ll Do It Paul Harman Nwh3
Iceman Donald Thomson Berkshire
Jay Jay John Harrison BH3
kikat helen woodison nwh3
Lemming Cliff Slynn SODOFF
Lemony Snicket Melanie Jefferies Didcot H3
Lilo Carolyn Atkinson Berkshire
Little Stiffy Jackie Todd Berkshire
Master Bates Briain Lee SH3
MicroFrite Suzanne Jones North Wilts
Mildred Nicola Derrick NWH3
Mini me Carter Fitzgerald Norths wilts h3
Miss Whiplash Penelope Nicholls Berkshire
Mother Theresa Slynn SODOFF
Motox Dave Cross Berkshire H3
Mrs G Caryl Gurney Surrey
Mudplugger andrew titcombe NWH3
Nappy Rash Tony Stevens Berkshire
No Style Alan Hodgson BH3
Non Stick Kevin Raine BH3 (Berkshire)
Package John Williams N.w.h.3
Peacemaker Stephen Funnell NWH3
Penny Pitstop Penny Busby Berkshire
Phantom Brian Mugford BH3
Polly John Parrott R2d2h3
Posh Tart Veronica Benson BH3
Prof Peach Penny Bilney Didcot
Pyro Christine Gibbs Berkshire H3
Rampant Rabbit Andy Spicer BH3
Rear Entry Steve Jones nwh3
RHUM Barry Nickelson Surrey
Rubber Sole Julie Lever DH3
Semi- On Roger Mead NWH3
Shifty Andrew Sladen BH3
SkinnyDipper Marei de Roy BH3
Slack Bladder Steve Todd Berkshire
Slapper David Friend Berkshire H3
Slow Down Paul Norman-Thorpe NWH3
Slowsucker Tony Richards Berkshire
Soup Dragon Maria Marsh NWH3
Spice boy melvin vayle R2d2h3
Split Ends Mo Steer Warwick
spot peter little longest day sunrise hhh
St. George Gareth Jones BH3
Swallow Hilary Barber Berkshire
Swampy Ian Marsh NWH3
Tequil’over Richard Piercy Surrey
Tequilova Frankie Kennedy BH3
TinOpener Craig Atkinson Berkshire
Titley Helen Titcombe NWH3
TOC Glad Barr North Wilts
Uranus Scot Wheeler Didcot
Utterley Butterley Rachel Godwin North Wilts
Wave Rider Amanda Stevens Berkshire
Willy Wonky Michael Softley Hursley H3
Wimpey Mike Jefferies Didcot H3
Woody Sue Preston NWH3
Yo Yo Mike Robins NWH3
Zebedee Philip Whatley Berkshire
Zorro David Rayner Dh3